Feb 19th

On crows;my corvine buddies.

By dreamwalkergeoff
Crows,wonderful crows.I`ve been feeding them for years.Quite a few generations have shared my food with me,bringing their young each season or so to say “hello” to the human they have checked-out for years.Took me an age of feeding them before they would allow a catching of my eye,and not noisily head for the trees. I sometimes ponder who runs this cross species relationship.They sit on my fence at the same time each day and caw for attention.If tardiness takes my time then they will caw in union,drawing closer to my house door.Life reaches out to life.The responsibility for my actions is understood and,so far,is still enjoyed.Crows love cheese;dripping and bread, and oily fish. I wonder how they see me: a gourmet god or a slave and patsy.Does it matter.
They get the food and live as Corvine kings,I receive their tolerance and tentative acceptance.Service keeps my feet on the ground while they fly free and high above my human world.It is so good to see.I envy the wild and untamed crows.
Feb 16th


By kinzo4real33
the are the dedicated group sent from above.
they are the new generation programmed to praise the almighty God !
Feb 11th

The mystery of the disappearing posts.

By Steve
I've now reached 48 hours as a member.
Jan 20th

Calling all Stateside Cloudsters

By Tony
I've got a bit of a break coming up. This day fortnight I'll be unpacking in Vegas, halfway up the Stratosphere. Not sure, though, if I'll risk the world's highest rolercoaster that overhangs the roof of said resort. I'll be taking in a few shows and a multitude of sights before flying on to San Antonio to pay hommage to Davy Crocket, Jim Bowey and all the lads who defended the famous Alamo for 30 days and held back Generalisimo Santa Anna long enough for the Texans to  get their act together and win independence for the lone-star state.

Then it's on by Greyhound all the way across to Houston where I'm booked to do the behind-the-scenes tour of the Space Centre including lunch in the astronauts' restaurant  - Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters for two, please.

Next, I catch the Amtrak and run all the rest of the way through Texas and on into Louisiana, destination New Orleans, for the run up to Mardi Gras. Then it's fly home again. Should be fun.

The point in saying all this is to ask if any of you nice Yankee Cloudsters hale from Las Vegas, San Antonio, Houston or New Orleans and would like to meet up and say Hi.

Maybe see you soon.
Jan 2nd


By Babs

Hi everyone thanks for welcoming on to your sight looking forward to comments on my childrens stories when i send them through
 I write for young children from the age of three to aprox seven
i am currently working on one about a caterpillar and have also written one called Velcro the hedgehog who joins a circus.

Dec 28th

The Clockwise Memoirs - Volume I,II&III;

By The Clockwise Man II
 Its got to be nine or ten months since I joined this brilliant website, thats a long time!! Theres been so many ups... and a few downs but overall the Cloud has done noting but make my life amazing!
 And I'm sure some of the oldest cloud members will have notice that I have changed very much so in the past year.

I:  It all started at some point at the beginning of this year; a shy nearly-fifteen year old boy sneaked onto the cloud. He went by the name of The Clockwise Man; a mysterious name? He thought so too ;)
 He wrote a blog explaining his insicurities and lack of confidence and started to gain friends. Among the first were Chanty (the very first Clouder who greated him), Vin (a fabulously funny man who no longer graces us with his presance), Marion (the funny mysterious 'big sister': who he swore looked like Angelina Jolie), Tony (The wise Owl), Barb and Mockingbird(forever friendly faces), oh and Ant (you know that vain guy with kids ;) ).
 He quickly grew used to Cloud life and built up a 'Cloud Family'. But he insicurities were still there lingering, waiting for him to log off.
 He eventually had a little break down and left the cloud.

II: And that was when Clockwise Man II was born. But this was not the same boy as before. He came back more confident than before and kept getting more and more confident for the rest of his time on the cloud. A shy reclusive boy had turned into a funny confident young guy (If he may say so himself). 
 Nower Days you can find him talking to his old friends: Marion, Chanty, Edwina and Ant and his great new ones: Joey, Has'san and Project Alice

III: Ok so im back in first person now ;). I like to think that the cloud has changed me and made me a better person not only online but in every day life. I want to thank you all for being absolutly amazing people and for putting up with me for all this time :)

Thanks for everything guys x

Matt Robertson aka. Clockwise 
Dec 28th

IM STAYING!!!!!!!!!

By The Clockwise Man II

Thanks for all your support (all of you) its really helped in these last crappy days.

Clockwise :P
Dec 26th

The Word Cloud

By Scott
Im a bit worried about posting my work on here. So for now I shall wait and 'observe'. I hope you all don't mind?
Dec 24th

My Christmas Poem!!

By The Clockwise Man II

(It gets lonly on the cloud so I wrote this poem :P )

Im dreaming of a Cloud Christmas
T’was Christmas eve and all through the Cloud,

Not a clouder was sturing,

Not even Has’san!


I looked and there was no Tony,

I suddenly pondered

 why is he so moany?


Marions profile was vacant,

When I wondered why I realised,

She’ll be guzzling down some intoxicant.


Oh where, oh where is she?

The wondrous woman we call Chanty.


Have you seen Ant?

You know the guy who looks like an elephant.


Joey, oh Joey,

Where art though Joey?

I want to tell her it’s snowy.


All profiles are dead,

There’s nothing to be said.



Dec 21st

Sea View Play 2010

By Jeff
Well, I know it's amazing, but I wrote a play back in 1988 with my good mate, Nick Daws.  It was a radio play called Sea View.  We duly sent it in to the Radio Times Drama Awards and it got into the last seven!  It never got put on by BBC, but good old Nick never lost faith in it.  Then last year he sent it to somebody in South Africa who was looking for play scripts and now... lo and behold after many false starts and false dawns it looks as though it's happening.  Sea View is on in Stellenbosch, South Africa from 25 Jan to 6 February 2010.  Get your tickets - only 50 Rand.  Join the Facebook site - Sea View Play 2010.  More later, I hope.  I wish I could get there.  Who knows - perhaps I can.