Dec 7th

Oruchuban Ebichu: The Demented Sanity of Anime in Hamster Form:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
Anime is known for being, how could you say, weird--a lie of course, anime has a talent to be thought provoking when it wants to be. Neon Genesis is an excellent example of what can be done in the form of a cartoon directed towards kids; death around corner, or episode, lots of mind fuck alley sequences and making you realise Shinji might've been better off under a drug enduced coma for all the good he could actually do in a fight. But where am I? I'm talking about the side of anime that kind of supports its great weird factor.

Oruchuban Edichu is about the daily struggle of Ebichu, a talking hamster who ends up being beaten senseless in every single episode of this beautifully violent series. Consider it South Park, Family Guy and anything on Adult Swim turned into anime staring a hamster from Hamtro (if you don't know that, then I'm hardly surprised), the demented hillarity doesn't end easily through 24 episode of anime that could easily match South Park for the 18 rating and more--tell me the last time South Park abused a hamster, never!

Abuse doesn't stop and the first episode easily sums up the entire series in the first minute--a hamster being pucnhed makes that easy and oddly calming to watch.....while laughing at another episode pushing it to a new level of LOL!
Nov 22nd

Dave: The Channel, Not the Person(s):

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
Dave, it's an excellent channel that repeats one very perfectly balance series composed of wit sharper then a knife carved from the asgard metals found only in the fictional realm of Middle-Earth and humour finely tuned to work with the rotation of talent they have on each episode I am, of course, talking about the only series to have more airtime then on its original channel. Top Gear is a useful for misdirection as I'm clearly talking about QI.

Dave's a nice place to watch any series that is puely BBC and only gets better when chance has it,  QI, Live at the Apollo, Have I got News for You and Top Gear are part of the glory to make me laugh with thought or the childish nature that seems to inhabit each episode of Top Gear along with the sutble impression that death is lurking around the corner for one of them (not The Stig, he's like a deity who repersents the isolated nature of humankind) and some other stuff that only makes the series better for it--screw anyone who complains about Top Gear.
Nov 18th

Solitaire: A Sanity Breaking Game:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
The huge leaps in technological has pushed us to rethink the impact it has on our everyday life--I don't actually know what someone might consider its greatest impact (ease of finding imformation, Wiki broke my heart and people stupid enough to think they trust anyone online), though the impact it has on me is quite clear, I'm someone and I have a solitaire problem. How I define it as an problem is up there with everything  left unanswered, but that isn't the point.

I realised I might play it a bit to much is when I envisioned myself playing it on opening a door and picking up a key--somehow, I know that's not a good sign when I don't think of it in anyway, yet I find myself partly engrossed in a easy win game in my mind. THAT'S NOT GOOD! Envisioning something as minute as solitaire, shouldn't be able to make me think afterwards "Oh yeah" even I felt an oddity of unhinged sanity.

Three weeks and I've played over 3000 games of it (on my laptop), I kind of want to get to OVER NINE THOUSANDDDDDDDDDD! If anyone's aware of the meme just used, pleasre make a note of it in your comment.
Nov 15th

Stewart Lee: I laugh, but do I mean it?

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
I'm open to what's funny this  world has to off from dumb to witty, from surreal to everyday, an Eddie Izzard to Stewart Francis, but Stewart Lee, Stewart Lee, he's this comedian I can laugh at, but I feel he's lacking a certain feel, like a good piece of brie that isn't french. Stewart Lee, to me, he doesn't come across as truly funny, even when I'm laughing, he isn't making me have a memorable experience beyond the thought "Jerry Springer: The Opera was simply epic win *thumbs up*" but after that I'm like ".........................................." that's how empty my experience of laughter is of Stewart Lee, I can't think of anything else beyond that opera.

He doesn't strike me as great. Yes, he's 41st best stand up ever, but that doesn't make him memorable, just a fantastically forgetful comedian.
Nov 11th

Superjail: Insanity Injected into your Eyes:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
Superjail is what insanity can be like if turned into a cartoon series dealing with the daily events of "The Wardern" (a Willy Wonker on crack and lacking a certain level of sanity) along with a number of other great things to make sanity seem that much more tempting to throw out the window--the series is simply brillient for the whole "Holy fucking hell of Thor's Asgard" factor it injects you with.

The jail is located in a volcano, a robot stalks the corridors, the jail is what madness would be in form and The Warden stands as the greatest character to grace the small screen since David Warner voiced Ral's in Batman: The animated series. Everything Superjail carries is impossible to copy for the sure insanity the creator must've induced to create something that might be the imagination in form. 
Nov 8th

Video Games: A Semi-Reflection of Reality:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
The Enclave, of Fallout 3, strike me as the typical Conservative agenda; promoting traditional values and declaring the term "Our country" enough to make you think "I keep to the wasteland life". A thought that crossed my mind multiple times from how the game repersents the funidmental ability of every person has to define their own future regardless of what people have to say about it--that's what makes me consider Fallout (and many other games) carry a vague mirror up to the gamer to declare "Your life, your choice, your world". Sure, not every is going to have the same opinion towards video games, but that's personal choose I consider fantastic--people need to carry their ideas and reasons to live.

You can't live by others ideas or reason.

The Enclave of Fallout 3 are  a Conservative type organisation--they want people to revert to old ideas that won't work; simply stifling out productive progression and adaption to the world they inhabit. Tempted to do some political based humour, but I'm not that type of *cough* George W Bush *cough* of the *cough* Republican "of the centre-right" Party *cough*. Actually, I was reminded of David Cameron on first hearing  the fictional "John Henry Eden" (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) of The Enclave promising a lot of what's unlikely to be delivered.

If anyone feels my view is "Looking into it to much" type away about it.

Nov 4th

Fallout 3: Not just a Game:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
"War.....war never changes," are the immortal words of Fallout and I consider to be something much deeper then anything people give video games credit. That's the irony about any war that occurs in the world, no matter what the cause--it's always a war being fought where death seems to be the only definite outcome and Fallout 3 makes that idea of war clear.

The game makes you think about the ideas behind the overall intention of anything happening throughout--blowing up a town is an option, but there's always an intention between anything you do within the game; my intention for not blowing up a town comes from wanting to use it for my ends instead of anything to do with the characters to inhabit a settlement of wastelanders.

Consider the game to be a reflection of reality--a reflection that you have to think about--with the little oddities presenting themselves in the forms of different factions roaming about the land of Fallout 3 (including the deadly Vault 77 "Puppet Man").
Nov 1st

Japanese Horror: Great Stuff:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
A man can control anything living with the power of his words--the ending for that short-story is dementedly unhinged and one of the most unexpected twists in the whole book. The book I'm referring to is ZOO by Otsuichi--an interesting collection of short-stories covering a range of genre and a range of super surprise twist endings. Nothing failed to take me by surprise and I won't say what twist and turns to come from each tale, but one that was "HOLY SHIT I DIDN'T SEE THAT IN A MILLION YEARS!" some were like that and others made me look over my thoughts from reading it--one tale made you think it was super-natural until it was revealed it was something else.

I really couldn't get enough of the twists coming thick and fast with each short-story I read, though they didn't all carry a twist at the end, but I didn't care after enjoying the ones that weren't making me exclaim "HOLY SHIT I DIDN'T SEE THAT IN A MILLION YEARS!" Anything that can make those words a reality means it's awesome or I don't try to think of what could it be--though I rather not think of the possbilities. That would destroy the fun of being punched in the face by the fist of Japanese horror.

To anyone interested the book is called Zoo (as mentioned) and written by Otsuichi
Oct 28th

Intelligent Design: Irony:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
The universe is billion of years old, it's expanding into something that isn't entirely certain and all the sand on one beach doesn't equal the number of stars scattered among the night sky--into the vastness of existences and we're only fraction of what existences. Not even a fraction, not even a fragment, not even anything--we're that minute in the scheme of things, but people of a more Christian or retardation background want to make our existences seem like the most importanting thing to come about instead of it being from stupid unprovable evolution.

Intelligent Design seem quite ironic for a fake science sounding title, since it's only the most retarded idea to come out from the mouths of someone with a stupid or religious background--though I find myself laughing on what that means for whoever they think created us. Take Will Wright's: The Sims, anyone can be some sort of semi-cruel-epic-god and as we're aware of most gamers who devote more then half their life to gaming, they're overweight social outcasts living in a basement. Now, think about the comparison of Intelligent Design and The Sims; what do you get from it?

Mega-Epic-LULZ of course! People who want Intelligent Design or Creationlism to be fact, might have to accept a very real and funny possibility that their bearded dude of unconditional love God--ironic how he loves you and yet casts you into the pit of hell--is nothing more then the already mentioned stereotype gamer.

Think about the hillarity--Intelligent (retard) Design is reducing our existences to that of The Sims and that they're hoping for some all knowing God to be a bearded dude in the sky. Thank Thor for science being fact and religion nothing more then Fairy Tales that people actually find a way to believe in--personally I follow the bible of Little Red Riding Hood. Real lessons to be learnt from that.
Oct 25th

All They Want is A Smiley:

By Meta Tam When Hi Non
One thing that takes my notice a lot at the moment is a inherent falsehood, we're playing a game of lies when it comes to how we present ourselves--no matter what it is, we're hiding ourselve (our true selves) away from everyone. Disappointing that it seem everywhere want a idiotic prick who smiles and doesn't bring in their own feelings--writing a personal statement seems to be part of the smiley face game "make it postive and that you're someone you're not" are the words I keep playing around with. You can't put down what you want without it bringing about your true colours--I became disillusioned last week and thought "fuck it all!" I let myself take the road of personal hell for a sense of being and I enjoyed it.

You only get one life and it doesn't seem fair to live from behind a vail of falsehood--"no more!" I cried in a moment of complete clarity, a sense of laughter that seemed almost missing for a long while--one life and I'm not going to be wearing some smiley face to employers who only want people who don't question, universities that want students who make them look good against a chaos bringer, to people who only see a facade of someone else I took a certain sense of disappointment towards. I'm not going to be a smiley face in a crowd an ocean of smiley faces--that isn't what life is about.

Life is about taking hold of the future and leading a life that isn't filled with idiotic people who force ideas onto you--ideas must be our own to have any sense of meaning.

I wear the smiley face of a bloodstreaked laughing truth: no lie, no masks. Just someone who's going to let themselves take a firmer hold of life.