Feb 8th

This Day Next Month...

By Eshka
I want to write a blog about this so I can look back on it in a month's time and reflect.

This day next month, on March 8th, I go to court with my car insurance company. I had a nasty accident last year which resulted in a painful neck and shoulder injury, meaning that I couldn't look after my children for almost a month and still struggle at times to carry my disabled daughter. The worst thing about the whole episode was how my insurance company dealt with it. They started by assuring me that I wasn't at fault, promising me compensation for my injury and speedy repair for my car. However, when I sought legal advice to be sure that everything was above board, they turned on me. As I wasn't prepared to accept 'cash under the table' with a nudge and a wink, they decided the accident was completely my fault based on the testimony of the other person's mother, who wasn't even present at the time of the incident. They also failed to take a statement from my father, who arrived at the same time as the other person's mum. I contested this, so they backed down and said, ''Ok, we'll do 50/50.'' I said that wasn't good enough - I had been driven into by a young boy who was driving at speed in a residential area and failed to stop at a junction before smashing into me. I'd had right of way and I was not prepared to accept half the blame. So began a lengthy year of solicitor's appointments, note taking and general headache.

Finally, over a year later, I'm due to face them in court. My greatest concern is that I win the case purely to protect my driving record, which is flawless. Compensation, of course, is a bonus. I've started to feel incredibly nervous especially as the date seems to be approaching at an alarming speed and I've never, ever been in court before. I have no idea what to expect. My solicitor has assured me that it's more or less cut and dry, that I should look forward to it as the facts are in full support of my case. But the cynicist in me keeps popping up and suggesting that I may just lose. More so, I keep wondering what happens if they decide to try and settle out of court - which in all honesty is very likely as I do have a particularly strong case against them. If they try this, at what point do I consider accepting it? It's all very confusing.

I hope that in a month's time, I can sit down and look back on this blog with a smile on my face and a glass of plonk in my hand. The car accident topped off an extraordinary period of bad luck for my family and I; for three Tuesdays in a row, we suffered a sudden and tragic bereavement, followed by my father's industrial accident (he lost two fingers) and finally, my car accident. It was an extremely difficult time for me as I was fighting battles on all fronts - trying to secure appropriate accommodation to suit my daughter's needs (that took 2 years), trying to get my daughter's treatment moving (still no further ahead) and taking care of a sixteen year old girl and all the baggage that came with her (I did so willingly). To anyone else, it might seem like just a car accident, but to me it represents so much more. Getting a little bit of justice for that crash would help me feel like I've finally overcome that terrible period in my life. And, to be frank, the financial element would bring me out of a very tight spot and allow me to pay for a decent holiday for my children, as they've never been on one. I'd love to bring them somewhere special before the youngest begins what is likely to be a long, repetitive string of invasive surgeries and treatments.

So, here I am wondering to myself, ''How will it all end up?''

Hopefully, when I come back to read this, the answer will be a good one and I can begin enjoying my life again without so much stress and aggravation.
Feb 8th

Wholesale Clothing: The Trendiest Fashion Stuffs Is Yours!

By Georgia

Fashion is in everywhere! Although not everyone is blessed with a beautiful face, everyone decide what’s the ideal look that will fit for his or her fashion. As you can see in many offices, employees have different styles and designs of clothing. Some are quite cool while others are elegant and conservative. Wholesale clothing on the other hand also fits for one’s fashion and pocket. And since it is wholesale, you can choose the desired styles you want and sell the rest afterwards. There are also promos and discounts most especially when Christmas.

Women are indeed known for being choosy. In many instances, they for about 1-2 hours just looking for a single item on shopping stores. When it comes to styles and designs, there’s nothing to fear of. It’s because there are thousands of wholesale clothing designs available to choose from. You can be as conservative as you mom or as sexy as your favorite Hollywood star. No need to spend much of your cash. In just a reasonable amount, you can achieve your goal. And what’s good about shopping is when you shop online wherein you can have better options.

Internet is wide enough to search the things you’ve looking for. The very vital thing here is to consider the supply and demand. As much as possible you place your order earlier. Always bear in mind that you’re not just the person looking for such dress. There are so much more. If you’re not satisfied with specific clothing, then you can just leave it and find another one. You’re free to compare styles and prices as much as you want.

But what’s more important when shopping online is the security. As much as possible don’t use easy payment methods. Use the secured one. It’s either a paypal. Alertpay or routepay account. When shopping for wholesale clothing, it could be better if you give much of your time in choosing. It doesn’t matter if reaches 1-2 days before deciding. The important thing is that you’re satisfied.



Feb 8th

Michael Jackson’s Death Nominated As 2009’s TOP Entertainment Story In The World!

By Georgia

After the movie “This is it”, the passed away “King of pop” remained in the hearts of many. As US newspapers and associated press editors stated, Michael Jackson’s death remains as the top entertainment story of all time.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 yet his death was still undergoing several investigations due to the rumors that Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide.

And his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray was suspected to be responsible about Jackson’s Death. At the age of 50, Michael has achieved thousands of memorable thing in his life and the Movie “This is it” is one of the proofs.

During Michael’s funeral, there are thousands of people joined the last moment in his life including celebrities, relatives, friends, owners of wholesale lingerie businesses in California as well as fans out there.

This only proved that the name Michael Jackson is not only famous in US but all over the world. As the King of Pop, Michael will always be Michael in the hearts of many.

Just imagine people from different parts of the country reunited for one goal which is to recall the memories of Michael.

Although, there are issues of molestations when against Michael when he was alive, these were all gone after Michael’s death.

This only proved that people really loves Michael not just because he is the King of Pop but also as an ordinary person.

With the movie, this is it; people have able to recognize the real Michael. “This is it” isn’t really a film, a concert or a movie.

This is actually the compilation of Michael Jackson’s preparation for the upcoming concert in London. These comprise 50 shows all at once.

Unfortunately, due to what happened to Michael, the concert will remain as a dream. 

Above all, Michael Jackson’s death serves as celebrations pop music all over the world. Some people sells wholesale clothing with Michael’s face printed while on the other hand, there are also some that sells DVDs and other Michael’s memorabilia.

Feb 8th

Taking the plunge.

By 7thSon

So I took the plunge, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it might be. I have had a couple of comments, which for my first attempts I don’t think is too bad. I must admit that I hadn’t realised you had to tick the little box: this then makes sure that you get notified of any comments. I have read and commented on a few of the other submissions, just sticking to the ‘Critique’ section at the moment. It can get a little overwhelming when you see the amount of stuff that gets posted. I haven’t quite worked-out the main page area as yet, there is an awful lot of information and I’m not really sure which sections are relevant to me. I’m sure it will all sort itself out as time goes by: knowing that the first steps have been taken and fairly painlessly has made a big difference.

Keep smiling...

Feb 6th

Welcome Messages

By 7thSon
Just about finished with my adventures around 'Word Cloud', still got a few notes to write-up and then I think I may be about ready to give some writing ago.

I have had some encouraging welcome messages from lots of interesting members and I look forward to getting to know everybody a bit better, once I have found my feet.

I'm still a bit uncertain as to the 'Group' scene, what I was hoping to do was enjoy reading a cross section of writings and perhaps experiment a bit with my own. Then try and get and give some feedback. Any suggestions on the best place to start off  would be greatly appreciated.

keep smiling... 
Feb 5th

New web page (free book shoelaces in pdf format)

By ladybard1968
I  have just put a old novel of mine shoelaces which is free for people to download. Now this book I admit is weird. (personally I love weird books, the weirder the better} However a lot of agents and publishers do not feel this way. It is about the closing of Brockhall hospital in th eighties were I worked. However I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and forced to take anti pyschotic medication which made me hallucinate and have visions. I came off the medication in March and have been fine since. Although I am still psychic. This book is a bit sci fi (it has aliens in it) It is a bit fantastical. It is weird I am not denying.  I wrote it whilst hallucinating of anti psychotics.  The lead charicture Abigail Tourish suffers from schizophrenia like me. So it is a bit semi autobiograful. Although it is totally weird and total fiction there is more than just a grain of truth in it. If you want a free copy email me at psychicamandaaa.live.com I have also opened a web page S2Webstarts.com/ladybard1968bookhouse/index.html If you cannot find this web address go to my you tube account www.youtube/ladybard1968 and click on my website this should take you to it.  
P.s what have you got to lose? If you do not like my books you can just delete them. They are free it has cost you nothing. However if you do like my books I would like fed back please.
Feb 5th

When discouraged...

By Eshka

Well, as the title says - when discouraged....

This is something that inevitably happens to us all, regardless of our endeavours. Something happens that throws a spanner in the works, or makes you feel less worthy than you did the day before. So what do you do?

In my short-lived experience, I've tried several options. I've dwelled; I've bottled it all up; I've lost my temper and blamed everything on the wrong person - and then a few times on the right person; finally, I discovered that often the best thing to do is simply have a think, put whatever the issue is into a box inside your head and make a conscious decision to just let it go. Once you've promised yourself that it's gone, that's it. That doesn't mean to say that you can't express how it made you feel - in fact, in the case of writers, it's often much better to get it out in black and white. Purge it, whatever it is.

Something happened to me today that really succeeded in bringing me down for a few hours. A family member decided to launch a war against me, with the motivation being my writing. They decided that I had chosen to write as a means of exposing a few ugly truths about them; one story that I wrote recently was the ammunition they wanted to use. Oddly, this person hasn't even read the story - they merely assumed the plot based on the knowledge that it concerned the Catholic church, choosing the characters and ending to suit themselves  (which happened to be the absolute opposite of my fictional piece) and said that it was a vindictive effort on my part to blacken their name. They passed the message to me that they plan to approach the Sunday World (!) with a story about me, thus ruining any hopes I have of a career in writing. Let me just stress this - the story concerned bears absolutely no resemblence to any person or event this family member has been involved in. They have simply jumped to conclusions without bothering to read it first, conclusions designed to hurt me as this person cannot bear any form of self-expression, nor do they like seeing other people feeling fulfilled.

The most ironic thing of all is that, yes, I would love nothing more than to expose this person for what they really are - but it would damage another family member in the process and that is something that I would never, ever be prepared to do. So, I absorbed the information and spent a few hours feeling drained and completely useless. What happened next is what really brought me back to earth.

After these revelations were made to me, I drove a short distance to pick up a bed frame from a lady I'd spoken to on Freecycle. My own bedframe broke some time ago and I've been sleeping on my bedroom floor on a mattress for a few months as other financial matters took priority. So, I found the lady's house and we became acquainted with one another. Upon meeting her I was delighted to find that she was a bright, jolly and exuberant sort of character and we had a lot in common. However, during conversation she mentioned that her reason for 'having a clearout was that she's going to have a hysterectomy next week and she wants to come home to a nice clear house. I must have looked a little puzzled - she only seemed to be around 30 years old, if even that - so she laughed and said, ''Oh you see, I have cancer, so I'm just getting the whole lot taken out - you sort of get a tummy tuck while they're at it so who's complaining?''

I can't even describe how I felt as she said the words. Shocked? Appalled? Sorry? All of these things, yes. But more than anything, as a mum especially, I felt inspired by her. Here was this young woman, who was in the middle of an extremely turbulent time for both herself and her little boy, stood there in front of me beaming like she'd just won the lottery. And I guess she had, in a way - she was still around and she was ecstatic to just have another day, enough time to organise the house and keep busy.

I left that house, after a cup of tea and a very interesting chat, feeling incredibly lucky that I'd had the fortune to meet this girl. I'd gone there feeling so down about something that is utterly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. She had no time, no room for negativity - she wouldn't let anything clutter her life, not even an unused double bed frame. I felt like I'd been taught a huge lesson, one that I was more than grateful to receive.

So, when discouraged, pick yourself up and carry on regardless. The world won't stop just because you do. Nobody's going to smile for you. You've got to do it yourself.

Discard discouragement. Just crumple it up like you would a shabby first draft and throw it away - there's no room for clutter in anyone's mind.
Feb 5th

Jailer Required

By Barb
A lot of sporting articles talk about a performer only being as good as the equipment he has access to. So someone that's a great golfer would have the potential to become an outstanding one if he was given a professional set of clubs that were balanced for him. This started me musing, which is never a safe thing, and I have decided that the reason I can't get moving lately is because I don't have the right tools. I don't have the right environment, darlinks...

That three months I spent in a little house in the South of France netted 140,000 words so it must be true. Ergo, I need to buy some new items.

Firstly, I have decided that my writing comes before any guests that might feel the need to stay here. After all, I am an artiste and I am working. Or meant to be. So I have sold the spare bed and I now have a "writing room". At the moment it's an empty space waiting to be furnished with the equal of a top set of golf clubs.

I studied the room this afternoon while working out its potential. See, this why I can't get any writing done - I need to engage myself with matters like this. I think at some point I may have raised the back of my hand to my forehead and, in a half swoon, mumbled something about needing a kick-arse writing desk.

And the Internet search was begun, one that resulted in me in buying a desk in go faster silver, with rococo overtones. If I can't produce a paranormal crime novel at that within a "reasonable" period of time, then there is no cure to this rampant laziness lack of focus.

I must admit to a wee niggle in the back of my mind, or where ever it is that niggles reside. This is the concern that in the past I have bought gym memberships thinking that was it, but then discovered that you actually needed to attend the establishment as well, sometimes more than once.

What I really need is someone to bribe me into the writing room with, chocolate say, and then to keep me there - promises of wine and massages for each scene written?

Feb 5th

Health Indications That You're Stressed Out

By leah marie
When you are overly stressed, your body is bound to act up. Thus, you are expected to feel adverse physical symptoms such as the following:

Literal Headaches

Too much stress, on its own, is already a headache (connotatively speaking that is). But this term could have stemmed from the fact that stress, in actuality, does cause your head to throb and tighten, resulting to what is known as tension headaches. Characterized by a tightening across the forehead and neck while affecting both sides of the head, stress is the sole culprit behind tension headaches.

For inquiries, health concerns and in need of health services within reach visit Online Consultation @ Easy Health MD
Feb 5th

Reading Hat

By 7thSon

Hi, another day in ‘Word Cloud’.

I have had some encouraging notes of welcome from a few members and still find it hard to believe that we are actually allowed to be scrawling all over each other’s walls. Having a message wall and Blogging is a very to-the-moment thing and I haven’t had any experience of it before so I thought it would be a good place to start. I am still navigating, what seem to be, the echoing, deserted passageways of the writing rooms. I have suspected that some of those creaky floorboards have got trap-doors waiting to spring into action without any prior warning, I’m sure it would be a pleasant landing, in most cases anyway. The group section was a bit daunting and, I suppose, a bit sad also when I came across a few groups with only the founder member. I had visions of these solitary characters just sat, perhaps on three legged stools, in vain hope. I don’t know and I’m certainly no expert but I do have an inkling that 1 can’t make a group. Perhaps it’s time that some of the smaller groups amalgamated to show a bit of support for each other. Again an image has been conjured up of the draw that one of the up and coming comedians goes on about; I think it’s perceived that almost every household has one and all the bits and bobs end up in it. I have one and it’s the first place I go to if I’m in search of anything out of the ordinary or indeed if I’m looking for something that just might fit on, in or around something that I just can’t make use of without that extra bit.

I think I had better check the ‘cloud calendar’ before I log off; just so I can get some sort of perspective on the rest of my day. I was going to have a go at creating an avatar from the photograph that I uploaded, and then on second thoughts, until my age has been determined I think I’d better leave it as is. I had considered, just to get into character, wearing a reading hat and smoking jacket to recognise my 99 years: it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t have a hat that could read and of course the last thing I needed was the health and safety police complaining about the smoke.


Keep smiling...