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A place to chat about all things children's book-y, young adult literature, illustrating for children, and so on. And if anyone can find a more relevant picture to upload than the green alien one, please feel free.

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  • ! A r r i a n n e;
    by ! A r r i a n n e; 5 days ago

    I actually joined this site last year, got completly lost and gave up. Haha. Now I'm back for a second try.
    I love to write in most genres, but I always find myself writing for teens and kids because I'm the biggest kid of all.

  • cdm
    by cdm 5 days ago


    I joined the site yesterday, and am gradually finding my way around. I wanted to join this group, as all my writing seems to find itself in the teen / young adult genre. As I often find myself in that section in the bookshop, it doesn't really surprise me!

  • LJ
    by LJ 7 days ago

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to the site, and new to writing - well, dedicated fictional writing anyway!

    I'm still finding my way around the site, but joined this group as I'm a big kid and love the idea of writing for children/teenagers. My favourite novels include all of the Harry Potter books, the Twilight Saga, and I'm currently reading a collection of Roald Dahl.

    Looking forward to progressing!

  • Skylark
    by Skylark 13 days ago

    Hi Babs, I've not posted any work yet so not sure exactly how it is done but there is a very helpful forum bit that explains all the technical side of things. If you click on Forum, then How to get round the Cloud and then I think there is a thread about how to post work. If you have any problems, I'd post a query on that thread as it will hopefully then be answered by someone who, unlike me, knows what they are talking about! Hope that helps.

  • Babs
    by Babs 14 days ago

    HELP . I cant work out to submit my childrens story Velcro. any advice greatfully recieved. Please help not very good with technical things.
    Thanks Babs.

  • Jed
    by Jed 22 days ago

    Hi all,

    I'm new and still finding my way around. It's like the thinking man's Facebook isn't it? I'm not writing for teens but don't want them to be excluded from reading my novel if I can help it, as two major characters are 13. So I'm hungry for useful advice that may be found on your forum:)

  • Harry I Cunningham
    by Harry I Cunningham 3 months ago

    Ps Sorry about all the bad spelling and grammar, I wrote this in quite a hast before going out somewhere.

  • Harry I Cunningham
    by Harry I Cunningham 3 months ago

    I agree with Boudicca...I think often its not about the theme that we are trying to portray to children but the way in which the theme is conveyed. For instance if you were writting a thriller such as like Anthony Horowitz and the Alex Rider series the murder of the "bad guy" is usually always handled flipantly and with little or no after effect for Alex. An almost fairy tale like aproach whereas a more grown up novel would see the protagonist's struggle to come to terms with the fact that he has murdered someone.

    Handled with the right amount of sensativity I think most themes can be conveyed to a young audeince. A very good example of this is Blue peter. I can remember watching when I was about 10 or so. They always annouced the death of a pet very carefully, using words such as "passed away"and "peacefully".
    From my experince when talking about Sex or Drugs do not be too speicific. Refering to being attacked forcefully- could imply a range of things including rape.


  • Boudicca
    by Boudicca 3 months ago

    It's really frustrating, I can't read to the end of Em's comment.

    But... as a Mum with a child in this age group, I'd say yes tentatively. As always, it depends how the subject is tackled, what word will you use ('abortion'?) and what you hope the reader will get from this - that abortion is difficult/necessary/painful etc.

    I suppose death, bereavement, loss, neglect, crime are all tackled these days in literature for young people. It may be quite a good introduction for girls and boys.

    My other thought is that it could be quite disturbing. Some children will be deeply affected by the thought of an unborn child being 'killed'. They have very strong morals all by themselves as I'm sure you're aware.

    Overall it sounds like it could be a good move - sorry to have given such varying points of view! I was sort of thinking out loud...

  • Philip L Moore
    by Philip L Moore 3 months ago

    Hi Everyone,
    If you are up for it, I thought we would have a laugh, well that's Tosh and I.
    I have up loaded a few pictures from my Utterly Ridiculous Book, so I thought we could have a best caption competition if you are up for it, everyone puts a caption under each of the cartoons and then each person who wants to have some fun, e-mails me at info@philiplmoore.com with whose caption they liked best.
    The persons caption that gets the most votes wins all four of my paperbacks, that’s Utterly Ridiculous, Therapy, Eternal Wish and Kez. Starts as from today finishes Monday at 6.00pm.