Need some1 to come up with a background 4 a character in my book , the best1 will get their name in my book

Thursday 28th May 2009 04:14pm 1
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ok well i need a background history for my main bad guy Darek who is the king of darkness and wants 2 rule the whole world by surounding it in darkness basicly what im looknig 4 is maybe some idears on how he became the king of darkness in the first place and so on, this is a fantasy, so be creative, and also the person who comes up with the best background history/ story will get a character named after them in my book. ill contact that person here 2 discuss what they want their character 2 be like. so lets get 2 it, im looknig forward 2 seeing what u people come up with
Thursday 28th May 2009 05:05pm 2
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Seems to me, Moses, you could break your requirements (How the King of Darkness became so) down into the following questions;

How does a King become a King?



Crowning (By popular demand)?

Anti-Crowning (A job no-one else wants)?

Why does he want to veil the world in “all consuming Darkness”?

To hide (From someone)?

To hide (Something in)?

Selaphobia (Fear of Light Flashes)?

Lumiphobia (Fear of Light, I may have made that one up…)?

Lupus (A disease with light sensitivity)?

Tapetum lucidum (She has the night vision receptors animals have that humans do not)?

To punish mankind?

To show her power?

Even in fantasia, these questions are still valid – and I’m sure there are many others.

If you have remembered to tick the box marked “Notify me by email, when someone writes a response” and you return to read this post, then we can help you to put the background together; after all, it is your novel.


Friday 29th May 2009 03:58pm 3
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thanks, the idear i have at the moment is he became king of darkness by gaining a large amount of dark magic (also he uses this magic 2 open up a portal into the darkness) and his reason for gaining these powers started as revenge but turned into hate of everything and wanting all 2 bow before him, so what u think?
Friday 29th May 2009 04:14pm 4
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Sounds like a great premise!

So, next set of questions;
How did he gain the dark magic?
And if he was in the "light" when he gained it then how did the dark magic get there?
"His reason for gaining the power started as revenge" this indicates that he went looking for the dark magic.
So where did he go looking for Dark Magic?
And what (insult) was it that had him looking?
How did he find it?

What other event(s) turned revenge into all consuming hatred?

This is looking like a pretty good background (on the necessity side)!

Wednesday 3rd June 2009 09:39pm 5
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my idea was he won the role in a lottery....... purely random chance etc - he could have won the star prize of the good guy with full cast of supporting angels and miracle working team. But he didnt. He won the booby prize with full complement of negatives and nasties..... Is his ideal of wrapping the world in darkness merely a cunning strategy for....... well its your story (!) you make it up!!
Thursday 4th June 2009 06:29am 6
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Perhaps Derek is blind, he is the son of the king of his world (where everyone is blind) but has been expelled for some misdeed, so he is looking for another world to take over. He knows that he will have a great advantage over the people of a sighted world if he can make it impossible for them to see, because he himself (and his accomplices) have never had to rely on sight.
Friday 3rd July 2009 02:49pm 7
Roger in Deutschland
Roger in Deutschland
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Why re-invent the wheel? How about looking at mythological lords of darkness, then updating the context? The obvious one from the Christian tradition is Lucifer, the bringer of light, who was cast from the heavens for challenging God (who says he's infinitely merciful?). The dark power can simply be an inversion of the infinite power of God, a direct mirror reflection, so can also be infinite and doesn't need much more explanation; whoever tried to explain the source of the supposed infinite power of God? There would be a nice symmetry to this; the sum total of all good and bad in the universe is zero. The more powerfully good God is, the worse the bad guy is. It's only fair. I also like the idea of a debate between Lucifer and God as done in some operas (Boito's Mefistofele, for example) and ....also in the Bible I think.

Then there's Pluto, lord of the Hades. Maybe he has a softer side (no one is all bad, in fact all-bad is quite boring because it is unbelievable and there's no contrast) he abducts Persephone or Eurydice to warm his's all been done before. The nice thing about these mythological bad guys is that they were usually once good.....

Food for thought?

Tuesday 14th July 2009 11:46am 8
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How you getting on Moses?
Tuesday 14th July 2009 12:24pm 9
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Now this is where I would throw in a woman. The woman that he falls in love with is the lady of light. There is nothing like couples of totally opposites falling in love. Now this will add to your normal cans to your sanity/unsanitary.
Tuesday 14th July 2009 03:12pm 10
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Hmmm. Let me squeeze a little juice out of the creativity factory! :-)

How about this...

There are two types of power
  1. the power for good that takes energy from the sun...
  2. the power for evil that draws power from darkness...
The dark lords motivation for throwing the world into the black is to destroy the powers of good!

His history is one of greed & revenge.

He used to study the power for good, but his greed led him to be expelled and cut off from the power.

He focusses all his blame on the council that expelled him. Twisted by hatred he travels and falls into bad company... he ends up meeting a fearsome spirit in the dark power and trades his living soul for power.

Now, devoid of any good or moral emotions he is hell bent on revenge and overthrowing the powers of good... To cast the world in his eternal shadow!

Thursday 23rd July 2009 02:41am 11
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ok first i wanna say sorry for not being on 4 awhile i have just been realy busy with other things and havn't had time and also second i wanna tell u my idears,

well darek becomes an orphan because his mother dies when he is born and his dad (who is part of the society of dark wizzards has 2 give him away because the society conciders darek 2 be 2 much of a threat cause of the about of dark power he contains at suck a young age so they seal away his powers and banish him so he is forced 2 live by himself in a small vilage in a house on a hilltop and becasue he was so young when all this wass happening he dosnt rember nay of it, well he has a friend on that hill she is also all alone casue her parrents dissapeared 1 day and were never heard from again, but since then she has been and outcast and many people r scared of her and hate her, but darek will defend her with his life, well 1 day somthing bad happenes in the village, and the villages turn into an angry mob and set up the hill 2 kill the girl yelling and calling her a demon/ witch when they get there darek tryes 2 stop them, but they kill the girl and at that moment, the seal on that had been put on dareks powers broke and he basicly killed them all and after it is all over and darek crys over his dead friend and secret crush his father comes out of the shadows and convinces him 2 join him and the dark wizzards (his dad had been told 2 keep an eye on darek incase he got his powers back but he was never to tell darek that he was dareks father).

tell thats basicly the summery for that starting bit if u r interested in all the details, wait untill i release the whole thing, my friends on here will get the first sample
Monday 23rd November 2009 07:54am 12
norman normington
norman normington
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He was out in the woods gathering mushrooms.
He picked the wrong kind, he took home and sauted in garlic the poisonous mushrooms, however what he did not know was that his genetic makeup was slightly different from the rest of mankind and instead of snuffing it he became, through a polymorphic cellular, sub atomic change...the King of Darkness.
I would call him Len!

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