Does anybody know anything about Kessinger Publications?

Saturday 11th April 2009 09:36am 1
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Kessinger publications is a print-on-demand publisher which re-prints out of print books.
Very occasionally copies of their books turn up in the library - usually a requested item.
They do seem to charge a lot for their books. What sort of firm is it?

Sunday 12th April 2009 02:07pm 2
Aonghus Fallon
Aonghus Fallon
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Hi, Mike. There's a thread on Amazon complaining about them. Some customer ordered a copy of a rare manuscript, but it was only a partial version (although it was advertised as the complete, unabridged text) - and an expensive, partial version to boot. I tried copying and pasting the thread in here, but Amazon obviously have some sort of firewall to prevent you doing precisely that.

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