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Normal Topic What's your notebook like? And how many do you have?
Started By EmmaD
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I'm another Moleskine addict I'm afraid. I use the larger format ...View
By john onceupon 8 hours ago
Normal Topic Waterstones - to become "local booksellers" again
Started By AgaSaga
6 45
I heard they were having problems getting stock from their central ...View
By Rebecca Holmes 9 hours ago
Normal Topic Alternatives to Microsoft Office?
Started By Eshka
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Excellent, hope you like it! I was just looking online and it does ...View
By Inktrailer 10 hours ago
Normal Topic if....
Started By Freaky
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Now this is a good thread - I like Marion's idea, probably a little ...View
By Eshka 12 hours ago
Normal Topic Windows 7
Started By Weens
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Thanks Riduna. I don't do anything too complicated. Lots of surfing, ...View
By Weens 14 hours ago
Normal Topic Collaborative Story - Why not all chip in and see what a joyful mess we can create?
Started By SM Worsey
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Walrus, meanwhile, whiskers twitching, had had a thought. ''Max'', he ...View
By Eshka 15 hours ago
Normal Topic Just How Taxing is this Writing Lark?
Started By Tony
10 89
As it happens I have been completing my online tax return whilst ...View
By Tony 16 hours ago
Normal Topic Getting the painters in
Started By Harry
12 119
Firstly, copperplate is, as we say in our game, 'yesterday's ...View
By toilet duck 23 hours ago
Started By toilet duck
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Dear Aonghus, I see what you mean with regards dropping the 'h'. ...View
By toilet duck 23 hours ago
Normal Topic wtf is this?
Started By Freaky
7 32
I think you'll find true love Weens, a lifelong romance. Either that ...View
By Inktrailer 2 days ago
Normal Topic Looking For Volunteer feature writers, Edinburgh.
Started By Steve Jay
4 40
Hi, We are working with the full support of the police, and ...View
By Steve Jay 2 days ago
Normal Topic What are you reading?
Started By Spangles
19 81
Thanks for recommending Last Curtsey, Emma. I'll reserve it from the ...View
By Spangles 3 days ago
Normal Topic Win a consultation with an agent
Started By Spangles
19 188
Looking at the date of the opening post, I'm ashamed to say that I ...View
By Inktrailer 4 days ago
Normal Topic How much background research do you do?
Started By Mistress Elysia
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I've got a half finished ms about 4 women, their spearate lives, how ...View
By Cazza 6 days ago
Normal Topic recommend me a book
Started By Freaky
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I would recommend the book "The Rise of the Creative Class" by ...View
By Drakeopolypse 11 days ago
Normal Topic the future of fantasy?
Started By Freakshow
31 142
The distinction is confused because a lot of vanity publishers call ...View
By EmmaD 12 days ago
Normal Topic Word count..
Started By ProjectAlice
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Wordcounts can be very deceptive, though: Brisingr is actually just ...View
By EmmaD 17 days ago
Normal Topic Looking for a good page turner
Started By Chinch
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Just started the Dean Koontz book, Velocity and I am totally hooked ...View
By Chinch 23 days ago
Normal Topic I've just realised something...
Started By Freaky
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Yes I've posted the chapters up until the 6th, I deleted the older ...View
By Freaky 1 month ago
Normal Topic Poems/stories in leaflets - resolved!
Started By AmyEek
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Is there a famous poet from your area that you could use as an excuse ...View
By AmyEek 1 month ago
Normal Topic Ashes of a Valleys Childhood
Started By john onceupon
3 55
Thank you so much for this. It means a lot to me to hear that people ...View
By Nashelle 1 month ago
Normal Topic File under "get a life, SecretSpi"
Started By SecretSpi
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Oh John, so do I! And I remember how often we seemed to be placed so ...View
By Caducean Whisks 1 month ago
Normal Topic Capital lettering and some other questions
Started By Freaky
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Thank you, that makes sense, maybe the book I was reading that used ...View
By Freaky 1 month ago
Normal Topic 'Mad Coup' (Coup as in: Scots slang for cow... cooooo!)
Started By mikey
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Lord Moora was standing in the middle of the forest with its' twelve ...View
By mikey 1 month ago
Normal Topic twit and twat twins may be cast in the Hobbit.
Started By Freaky
4 35
It was a fix, or they sold their souls to the devil to get to the ...View
By Freaky 1 month ago