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Critiques - general
A place to read and critique members' work. NB: some of the best critiquing goes on in "Groups". Either sign up to a group that suits you - or set one up yourself. (Click "Create New" in Groups.)
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"Hi cdm,I read your work with avid interest - very impressive, in my humble " - Eshka
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How to get around on the Cloud
A place to discuss any technical questions about using this site.
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"Well, erm...I can't. It simply won't do it for me, and I'm doing everything" - Eshka
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Writing Techniques
The place to exchange thoughts and ask for help on writing technique
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"Cheers Inktrailer, that's exactly what I did tonight and I actually made so" - Eshka
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Coffee Break - Reviews & Other Discussions
Book reviews, chat & biscuits. A general discussion forum.
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"Could anyone recommend a good website for buying some notebooks? I'd like a" - Eshka
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Agents and Publishing
Penetrate the mysteries of the publishing industry.
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"I' ve been considering this (Shared World writing) for ages, but am unsure " - Mistress Elysia
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The Heated Debate
A regular series of debates about topics of importance to writers and the books trade. We invite major contributors and welcome controversy. Let the Heated Debate begin!
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"Ha, some good stuff on there:-) The magic words myth is my favourite though" - Inktrailer
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A place to chat about all things self-publishing - and a place to seek and exchange advice & experiences
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"Hiya all:I'm new to speaking on here, but i have just written a zombie/come" - Mrwriterman
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The Screenwriters Club
Everything to do with film - A nice civilised sort of place where screenwriters can escape from all those horrible novelists ...
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"I heard the whole thing was shot out of sequence and quite a bit was writte" - Aonghus Fallon
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Our regular Word Cloud comps. For non-WC competitions see News.
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" " - john onceupon
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The Great Word Cloud Bazaar
Have you published (or self-published) a book? If so, use the Bazaar to hawk your wares and garner reviews. Just set up a thread, tell us about your work, and remember to include an Amazon link ...
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"Thanks, Riduna and Whisks!  Yes, Riduna, the research was great fun" - Spangles
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Places to Visit
Fun places on the web for writers and language lovers.
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"Fab, I've been looking for something like this. Mucho thanxo." - Edwina
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