Joe McKeown

Joe McKeown

14 years old
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Joe McKeown is writing a new book!
  • If you write in more than one area, what is your next most favoured genre?
    Are your reading habits ...?
    Who is your favourite author(s)?
    Anthony Horowitz, Johnathan Stroud, Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paolini and J.K. Rowling
    And your seven all time favourite books? (You can change these at any time, by the way ...)
    Eragon/ the inheritance series, artemis fowl/ the series, harry potter/ the series, the amulet of samarkand, the golem's eye, ptolemy's gate and alex rider/ the series
    What are your working habits when you write?
    Perfectly balanced
    Are you the edit-every-sentence-ten-times type, or do you prefer to let rip?
    Some self-editing
    Your ultimate writing ambition?
    Publish the trilogy I am planning on writing.
    Your worst habit?
    Leaving the work for periods of weeks.
    Your opinion on the books industry?
    I deeply respect the good folk of publishing
    Where do you write?
    On my laptop at home, and at school.




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I love to write fiction, though I only finish books by forcing myself to work through to the end, if the action was at the start, I'd never finish. I take my cues mainly from books that I have read. I enjoy creative writing and my ultimate ambition is to be published, yes, but also to teach either English or Creative writing, by holding individual teenager's classes. As I recently found out that by 2049 the average laptop will be smarter than the average supergenius (of which I am classed, IQ 143, supergenius being 140 plus) I feel that writing will be increasingly ignored, I dont want that to happen.

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  • Mandalore_15
    by Mandalore_15 11 days ago

    Sorry to bring this up, but "supergenius" doesn't start at 140, rather 165/170ish. I have an IQ of 147 and I am certainly no genius (in the classical sense)!

    Not trying to be rude or anything, I just think one should have realistic expectations. To be honest, IQ is a flawed scale anyway... XD

  • Joe McKeown
    by Joe McKeown 8 months ago

    well clockwise man, i just went through a writersliterary company, though i found it too expensive, they told me that my work has commercial potential so i have now decided that i'm going to self publish through i can't remember which. it will cost me roughly 2.80 per book, marketed for 4.99/3.99

  • The Clockwise Man
    by The Clockwise Man 8 months ago

    Wow your actually getting published at the age of 13!!! What an inspireation! Youll have to give me a few pointers

  • Joe McKeown
    by Joe McKeown 10 months ago

    Thanks guys, I have gone through a childrens' literary agency and have been represented by them, and through them I have beenreffered to a publishing service. Before they see my work though, I am going through a critique and editing process. This was about two weeks ago, when I started the entire process. Though the emails I have recieved are impersonal, they are very helpful.

  • Sumayya
    by Sumayya 10 months ago

    3cheers4joe!!!! and yeah, do tell: what/when/where???

  • Viveka
    by Viveka 10 months ago


  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 10 months ago

    Congratulations, Joe! What? When? Where?

  • Sumayya
    by Sumayya 10 months ago

    oops...sorry bout that JOE!!! have 8windows open - multi tasking nightmare. extraho? the journey sounds like a great op to dev a character - go for it!

  • Joe McKeown
    by Joe McKeown 10 months ago

    Hi Sumayya, it's JOE. I will do that, I think. I need to develop one of the charaters more, so I will. Thanks for the idea. By the way, if you ever want a book, it's called Extraho.

  • Sumayya
    by Sumayya 10 months ago

    hi john - dont worry - u'll get over it. if theres nothing dramatic happening en route, you can use the chapter to fill in some blanks perhaps, reg some of the characters - have them chat about some incident in the past that may explain some action/behaviour in the present or smthing along those lines. if its been high drama up to this journey - you could also use it for some comic relief. alternately - if theres nothing important to add - you could scrap the chapter altogether and have them set off at the end of the previous one and arrive at their destination in the chapter after.