Jan 21st

This is for all those who wonder what they teach kids in school these days :P

By The Clockwise Man II
I dont know if anyone knows what Sochcahtoa is but basically its something to do with trigonomitry. Well no one could remember it so Mrs Siddle (my quite old maths teacher) told us to remember it like this:




Jan 17th

Right for my 30th Blog (!!) Im acctually posting part of my story :P

By The Clockwise Man II
 Ok here we go. This is a massive leap from where youve read (The Lilith Story). Lilith has been captured and this scene is leading up to a torture scene (nothing sexual I swear ;) ) and also a crutital moment in the story.

 She knew something was wrong before she opened her eyes. A deathly silence warned her of that, and unnaturally cold, damp air pressed agains her skin
 When she finally managed to lift her heavy eye lids her heart stopped, just for a second. Surrounding her a curtain of shadows his the walls of the room, making it feel almost infinite. The only thing to penatraid the black curtain was a face; white with death. Its eye's peirced Lilith's, searching.
 For a moment there was nothing, as the creature observed Lilith. She felt awkward, uneasy. Shifting slightly, she felt a tug on her left wrist. A thick, black chain was curled around her left wrist and, as panic set in, she realised that her other wrist and both ancles were also chained to the stone slab upon which she lie. Her only thought was to run, to get away from the shadows and the pale face, but as she writhed around on the slab, struggling against the chains, she realised that she was going no where.
 Defeated, she gave up trying to escape. Her chest heaved with powerful breaths, her eyes closed and her body relaxed. She had no chance of escape.

I know some bits read a bit awkwardly but just be honest (this is a first draft).

Thanks Guys
Matt :) 
Jan 14th


By The Clockwise Man II
... that was the noise I made when I read my Foundation English Language result. C!!!!!

I can now do the Higher English Exam in summer which means I can get anything from a A* - U (where as Foundation only lets you get C - U) and if I can get at least a B I can do English Language at A-Level.

Jan 5th

The Next Chapter In My Life

By The Clockwise Man II
 Heya guys,
I just thought I'd tell you all about the latest events of my life; Its not good.

 At school over the past few months school has been getting increasingly harder and I've been feeling the presure. Exams, coursework, Homework, Friends, Enemies, etc etc. Those who say that school is getting easier should be shot... in their groin :P. People who are in high school or college will understand me here. I've got too much presure and work to cope with.... but thats not all....

 Many of you will have seen my pictures on the cloud of me and my 'good' friends. Well now I have no friends. Its a long and kinda embarasing story, but basicly I asked out a friend, well call her Hope, she said no (which is never nice - especially when youve had many nos in only 5 years of trying!), then my 'friend', who well call Rickard (aka Dick), got in there and told her that whilst she was away for Christmas I was going around flirting with other girls (which is bollocks). So basically thats Hope, Dick and Dicks girlfriend (by three 'best friends') now totally hate me for no reason.
 I dunno if that makes sence but itll have to do...

 Now im being forced to go back for counselling because I'm getting so down and I said something pretty stupid. Well when I say forced, I mean I dont have much choice.
 So basically Im just telling you that I've (in the space of a few days) reverted back to shy Matthew.
 I may be online a bit more from now on.....

Matt Robertson
aka. Clockwise 
Jan 1st

My King Dilema!

By The Clockwise Man II
For Christmas I got no less than 10, yes TEN, Stephen King books and I have no idea which to read first. If you've read them or simply like the title please help me to decide which to read first.
(from biggest to smallest) The options are:
  • It
  • Dreamcatcher
  • The Dead Zone
  • The Shinning
  • Pet Sematary
  • Cujo
  • Gerald's Game
  • Carrie
  • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

So come on! Which one?

Jan 1st


By The Clockwise Man II
Watching the new year come and go on BBC1 made me think; whats my life gunna be like in another 10 years?

Alot of crap has happened in the past decade, the twin towers, london bonmbings, the depression.. so whats gunna happen in the next decade!!?!!
Its kinda scary! 
Dec 31st

Chapter II: The Other (just the start)

By The Clockwise Man II

This is the start of my second chapter of Lilith. 

Chapter II: The Other

 The wise old man pottered around the circular room, doing various tasks ranging from brewing a pot of tea to lighting the long finger-like candles that perched in the ancient brick work around the room. Lilith sat, watching his every move. He was after all a stranger to her; just because a man is kind to you it doesn’t mean that his intentions are innocent.  But she had no where else to go and know one else to trust. So, for now at least, the weird, bearded man was her ally.

 As he lit the last candle Lilith realised that he was lighting it with his finger tip. He simply touched the wicks tip and it was alight. She watched him with shocked curiosity. Without turning the old man answered her unasked question.

 “You are not the only one to possess magic you know Lilith?” he turned, looking at her now from above his delicate spectacles. Lilith’s silence prompted him to continue.

 “Yes I know of your magical abilities. You see, that is one of my talents; I can’t hear thoughts. I cannot read minds thought; that is impossible; even for the most powerful sorcerers.” The man slowly made his way to sit in a chair adjacent to Lilith’s.

 “For instance, you want to know who I am.” Lilith flinched with shock.

 “I know this because you thought it. Now your wondering if your safe here with me.” Lilith confirmed his accuracy with another flinch.

 “Forgive me I must introduce myself. I am Ithreal, Ithreal Normm.”  Ithreal nodded in greeting.

 “I am...” Lilith started but was interrupted by Ithreal.

 “You are Lilith Danme.” Ithreal smiled slightly, proud of his ability.

Lilith shivered. She didn’t like Ithreal or his ‘gift’. She just wanted to get away, but she knew that if she were to leave she would stand no chance alone. She needed this strange man.

 Ithreal began to talk again “But my gift is quite common, most sorcerers are able to perform thought reading within two years of discovering their magical abilities. But your gift... your gift is special. Not many can transform their whole body in a moment. It requires decades of training, perhaps even centuries! How long have you been aware of you magic?” Ithreal’s eyes pierced Lilith’s thoughts searching for an answer. But she spoke the answer before she though it.

 “One week” she said sheepishly. Ithreal breathed in heavily.

 Silence. At least five minutes past before Ithreal spoke and when he did it wasn’t of the usual length an confidence.

 “Extraordinary!” He whispered “Absolutely extraordinary!” He rose, baffled, and walked towards the singular window in the circular room. He peered out at the woodland as he thought.

 “I have only ever known of a handful of sorcerers who have the ability to transform their bodies... and only one who could transform into a raven...” he paused “but it can’t be!” Lilith was growing curious.

 “What can’t be? Who was the other person who could become a Raven?” She probed, standing up to show her curiosity. She hadn’t even considered that anyone besides herself could have her gift, and now Ithreal tells her there is another! Ithreal waved the questions away with his hand.

 “It is of no importance to you... yet? Once you need to know I shall tell you!” He paused looking through the window again.

 “It is late, you should get some rest, you have had a long day.” He indicated a staircase that curled around the room “Upstairs you will find a bed, and change of clothing. Use them as you wish, but I deeply suggest you get some rest, we have a long way to travel tomorrow.” With that he walked out of the room, leaving Lilith to make her way upstairs. Sleep seemed like such a beautiful prospect after the horrid day she had had. She climbed the staircase, still not trusting the old man but too tired to care.

Dec 31st

My third Posting

By The Clockwise Man II
This is the third time Ive posted this but I'm re-posting it because I wanna enter it for  a competition. I wanna know if you thik its still any good and how I could improve it....?

Foolish Suicide

She sat there, alone in the room. Not caring about the ringing phone, but wanting the person on the other end to somehow stop her.

Am I really gunna do this?

Her head hurt. So many thoughts, so little time left to decide. If only someone could stop her.

Surly I’m not going to do this!

She looked across the room at the rope resting upon an old stool.

This is it.

She stood up; the phone still ringing.

Just do it. Get it over with

She was confused and alone; a lethal combination.

No one would care. Especially mum and dad.... and Mike.

She grabbed the rope with both hands; stretching it to test its strength.

If I’m gunna do this I’d better do it properly.

She put one foot on the stool. But she couldn’t move; she couldn’t complete this hellish task. Her eyes now full of tears she stepped down.

Don’t be stupid. You can’t do this.

But as she turned around to answer the persistent phone she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. She looked again; staring at her reflection. Still holding the rope, she turned back to the stool.

Do it. Just do it.

She put one foot on the stool.

Yes thats right. You can do this.

She put her second foot onto the stool and tied the rope to the fan on the roof.

You can do this.

As she tied the rope into a noose, she started to cry.

Don’t be a fool. Just do it! DO IT!


A few minutes later her body was hanging from the ceiling. Limp and cold. She could not have any more second thoughts.

Finally the answer machine of the phone read its message to the caller; she had been meaning to get it fixed.

“...leave your message after the tone.” 


A pause.

 “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. It was just a joke; your bum could never look big in anything. Not that its too small... I mea...”

The man sighs.

“I love you Michelle. I love you more than you could ever imagine. In fact I was going to ask you something today. I was going to wait till I saw you again, but if it could save our relationship then I’ll try now. Michelle I want to... I love yo... Could you...”

Another sigh.

 “I want to marry you Michelle. There I said it..... Please call back. I really do love you. You know that... right?” 
Dec 28th

The Clockwise Memoirs - Volume I,II&III;

By The Clockwise Man II
 Its got to be nine or ten months since I joined this brilliant website, thats a long time!! Theres been so many ups... and a few downs but overall the Cloud has done noting but make my life amazing!
 And I'm sure some of the oldest cloud members will have notice that I have changed very much so in the past year.

I:  It all started at some point at the beginning of this year; a shy nearly-fifteen year old boy sneaked onto the cloud. He went by the name of The Clockwise Man; a mysterious name? He thought so too ;)
 He wrote a blog explaining his insicurities and lack of confidence and started to gain friends. Among the first were Chanty (the very first Clouder who greated him), Vin (a fabulously funny man who no longer graces us with his presance), Marion (the funny mysterious 'big sister': who he swore looked like Angelina Jolie), Tony (The wise Owl), Barb and Mockingbird(forever friendly faces), oh and Ant (you know that vain guy with kids ;) ).
 He quickly grew used to Cloud life and built up a 'Cloud Family'. But he insicurities were still there lingering, waiting for him to log off.
 He eventually had a little break down and left the cloud.

II: And that was when Clockwise Man II was born. But this was not the same boy as before. He came back more confident than before and kept getting more and more confident for the rest of his time on the cloud. A shy reclusive boy had turned into a funny confident young guy (If he may say so himself). 
 Nower Days you can find him talking to his old friends: Marion, Chanty, Edwina and Ant and his great new ones: Joey, Has'san and Project Alice

III: Ok so im back in first person now ;). I like to think that the cloud has changed me and made me a better person not only online but in every day life. I want to thank you all for being absolutly amazing people and for putting up with me for all this time :)

Thanks for everything guys x

Matt Robertson aka. Clockwise 
Dec 28th

IM STAYING!!!!!!!!!

By The Clockwise Man II

Thanks for all your support (all of you) its really helped in these last crappy days.

Clockwise :P