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I've heard that a lot of good critique happens in the Groups section, but I couldn't find a Fantasy/Sci Fi one. So anyone interested in this genre please read and critique and do post your own work for feedback too.

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  • cdm
    by cdm 12 days ago
    AW, I have finally responded to your kind invitation, and have posted the Prologue to "Racing the Dark" (my book) in the forum. Sorry it took a while!
  • EzBloke
    by EzBloke 18 days ago
    Right folks!

    For those of you who didn't know;

    I have thrown down the gauntlet; I have secured the first guest question spot and will be looking to ask acclaimed science-fiction editor John Jarrold to mull over the newbie questions we post in the sci-fi forum and answer them.

    Have a thunk about what you would like to know are his opinions about any aspect of sci-fi/fantasy that worries you and post 'em up. See the appropriate thread; "What would you like to ask a professional editor?"

  • Ancient Woodland
    by Ancient Woodland 27 days ago
    Hey CDM, post some of it up and we'll have a look :)
  • cdm
    by cdm 27 days ago
    Hi everyone!

    My writing has always tended towards fantasy, so this seemed a good place to start. I've just completed book one of a fantasy series probably more aimed at teens, but hopefully equally good for adults.
  • Geoff
    by Geoff 1 month ago
    Hello All,
    Thanks for your welcome messages posted on the wall, sorry I have taken so long in acknowledging them. I've been having finger trouble with my computer, particularly on-line; but I'm getting better!
    I would like to wish all of you the very best for the coming year and I look forward to knowing you all.
  • resin
    by resin 1 month ago
    Hi everyone. As I've just joined I thought I'd drop you a line or two. I'm from Australia and am so pleased there is a site like this. Anyone else from OS?
    Working on my second novel and hoping to complete this one. Not intending to go down the publishing line. Just love writing.
  • davies
    by davies 1 month ago
    thanks a lot!
  • Ancient Woodland
    by Ancient Woodland 1 month ago
    Welcome, Davies. There are a few of us that write fantasy here. Feel free to ask questions and we will see if we can find you some answers.
  • davies
    by davies 1 month ago
    This is just what I needed!
  • Rudi
    by Rudi 3 months ago
    Aaa...the force is strong with this one!