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Anything goes...all you need are tea, a keyboard and opinions. Please feel free to shoot the shit in any way you please.....

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Does your partner watch Jeremy Kyle too much?
Do you wonder if your bum actually does 'look big in this' even if your partner says it doesn't?
Anything at all you want to get off your chest, you can put it here...everyone's welcome.

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  • Stupid Cupid
    by Stupid Cupid 1 month ago

    Thanks Tony but thought I'd done that. Now resorting to the hard stare/bad language combi' to see if that fixes it.

  • Tony
    by Tony 1 month ago

    SC, when you come to post a blog you need to select a couple of options before posting. "Can other members comment on my blog?" defaults to Yes - leave that; "Submit to public magazine?" defaults to No - change to Yes, otherwise it can only be seen on your profile page. The other thing is you have the option of including a few 'tag' words to help people find it and it used to be the case - maybe still is - that if you don't enter at least one tag word hte blog disappears. That's the Cloud or you. :-)

  • Stupid Cupid
    by Stupid Cupid 1 month ago

    They'll pinch anything round here. Wrote a blog for the first time, pressed submit and it's gone! Vanished without a trace. Not even a puff of smoke. Anybody any ideas? What am I doing wrong? C'mon, do tell.

  • Stupid Cupid
    by Stupid Cupid 1 month ago

    S'ok I claimed on the insurance. New para's installed.

  • Stupid Cupid
    by Stupid Cupid 1 month ago

    Just put a critique up and somebody swiped the paragraphs. C'mon own up. Who was it?

  • kaz
    by kaz 1 month ago

    Hi am new to cloud and to writing so just finding my feet really, look forward to chatting with u guys xx

  • jenny
    by jenny 2 months ago

    Hi, I'm Jenny, I've just joined WC and this group (tea and typing says it all, really). I've been advised to write a Blog....haven't got a clue how to start or where to go....any ideas? I'll use my best china!

  • Joey
    by Joey 5 months ago

    Big mug of tea and a difficult chapter. BUT THE BISCUITS ARE MISSING!!!

  • Cate
    by Cate 5 months ago

    1000 words done (ish). Cup of tea and a fishfinger butty for me!

  • Cate
    by Cate 6 months ago

    1000 words done. Cup of tea and beans on toast coming up.