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For non-published teen writers.

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To help teenage writers that aren't published to become published authors with their own ideas, like I am aspiring to do myself.

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  • Alex
    by Alex 26 days ago

    Just thought i would so hi to everyone :), yes i would love to have my completed stories published x

  • Jed
    by Jed 28 days ago

    Hi all,
    It's refreshing not to be exluded from joining this group, in these times of teen/adult segregation. I joined so that I could be on the scrounge later for younger reviewers of excerpts from my (unfinished) novel. It isn't 'teen fiction' but two major characters are 13 and I want to get them right. I'll offer the usual quid pro quo of reviewing yours in return, of course.

  • davies
    by davies 1 month ago

    Hey! I've just joined this group so I thought i'd say hi! :D

  • Philip L Moore
    by Philip L Moore 1 month ago

    Hi to all you teens,
    I have decided to start a revolt again Amazon! Can I ask how many of you would like to become a published author? And lets say you are all very lucky and do become published authors like me, (hopefully not having to wait till you are in your 40's ) . So you have published your book and lets say it is for sale in the shops at £6.99 or £7.99 how much would you like to get a copy £2.00? or maybe £1.50? Thanks to Amazon the reality for us authors is more like £00.15p! And it gets worse because after talking to a book shop owner it is now cheaper for them to buy their books direct from Amazon than the wholesaler! So this means the wholesalers are going to now screw us as well or they are going to disappear which means Amazon will have the monopoly on the trade and retail book market, and us poor Authors will be begging on street corners! All it takes to stop this is to put the word out and get people to buy else where. Last month I sold 150 copies of my new book Eternal Wish, to which the cheque was £15.00 , Utterly Ridiculous sell around 20 copies a month to which I am luck if I see a cheque for £15.00 once a year! this is the reality of what Amazon has done to the market. So please for your own good Avoid using Amazon.

  • Dave
    by Dave 1 month ago

    New to this so kinda finding my feet lol So I'm a teenager, unpublished so I guess that means iI should be in this group, right? lol

  • Sohini
    by Sohini 2 months ago

    hello to everyone!!!!!!!! m here to meet young writers aspiring to be famous one day--just like me!

  • ProjectAlice
    by ProjectAlice 2 months ago

    I'm a teenage unpublished writer, so I guess I qualify for the teen writers non published criteria :)


  • freeflyer
    by freeflyer 2 months ago

    Could anyone here teach me how to write a short story please? i always try but then get sucked in and plan for an 80 page story instead! and that doesnt sound very short... to me

  • Eternally Amy
    by Eternally Amy 2 months ago

    Thanks, Harry, I'll have a look :) and I know, I know absolutely no one where I live who's into this stuff. Apart from my uncle, but he's already published so what the hey.
    Thanks again.

  • Harry I Cunningham
    by Harry I Cunningham 3 months ago

    Wohh I'm fifteen as well. Before I came on here and another site called: authonomy, I'd never met another person the same age as me who was intrested in writting or who'd even got as far as writting a small story let alone a full length Ms and now I've found loads of fifteen year olds :) So its all good.
    By the way:

    www.authonomy.com is a great place to post your work. Here is kind of tricky to post a book but authonomy is really great.