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Film Buffs Anonymous

(Well, not that anonymous actually.)
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Whether you want to escape for a few minutes from novelling or are just plain fanatical about film, this is the place for you. You can choose to review the latest blockbuster or analyse the art of cinematography, pick apart a soap or post your alternative Oscar nominations. Whatever floats your boat. (Oh, by the way, if you do write a review, please put a warning at the beginning as to whether it contains spoilers. Thanks.)

Let us begin in the traditional manner:-

Hello. My name is Kim and I am a film buff.

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  • Steve
    by Steve 1 day ago

    I can't remember if any of us put up something here about the Beeb's Writing Talent page, but it should be mentioned.
  • Kim
    by Kim 1 day ago
    A warm welcome to all new members. You have taken that first brave step and deserve to be commended.

    Please feel free to chip in with new topics; reviews of films, contact hints and tips, experiences re submissions etc. Anything that floats your literary boat.

    Happy writing.

  • Kim
    by Kim 3 months ago
    Hi Jamie and a very warm, if delayed welcome.
  • ProjectAlice
    by ProjectAlice 4 months ago
  • Kim
    by Kim 5 months ago
    Hi Vero and welcome. You can post your work in the Screenwriters Club found under "Forum". I too am a budding screenwriter. What is yours about?
  • Vero
    by Vero 5 months ago
    My particular writing bug involves screenplays - is this a good place to test out what I've done, or is this strictly for films that are already out there?
  • Kim
    by Kim 8 months ago
    Hayley, you are most welcome. Do feel free to chip in with a topic anytime you like.
  • JM
    by JM 8 months ago
    Only just noticed the 'Welcome' Kim. Cheers.
  • Kim
    by Kim 10 months ago
    Welcome to Film Buffs James!
  • cate
    by cate 11 months ago
    my neighbour is gibson daylight. i know him. does it count as a name drop if the guy isn't actually famous, but he's got a kiff name? i think it should. i once had a crush on a guy who's surname is lens. it might have been the name that spelt love. i'm a camera assistant. c