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For the lover of things that go bump in the night
Owner: Marion
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Come one, come all, join us on the dark side. We've got cookies.

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  • Eshka
    by Eshka 17 days ago
    Ah, a cosy little corner for the macabre...I love it.
  • LJ
    by LJ 22 days ago
  • princessdreamer
    by princessdreamer 5 months ago
    Hello all. I have found my home, finally! I love horror, reading and writing it. Is it scary here? :)
  • Loon Scribe
    by Loon Scribe 7 months ago
    I just joined... I'm very garrulous, don't worry.
  • Darren
    by Darren 7 months ago
    bloody quiet in here, is everyone dead or dead-ish?
  • Aiyla
    by Aiyla 9 months ago
    It's deathly quiet in here Marion.
  • Aiyla
    by Aiyla 10 months ago
    Oh right. Good. I'll try and have a look today.
  • Cate
    by Cate 10 months ago
    Hi Aiyla. I've stuck it in General Critiques (did it before I spotted this group!). I'll post the next bit in here, though :)
  • Aiyla
    by Aiyla 10 months ago
    Hi Cate. Why don't you post a little of your creepy writing here?
  • Cate
    by Cate 10 months ago
    Hi all. Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your group. The thing I'm writing seems to be taking a turn towards creepy!