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Even though most Clouds had English in school as their basic language, the nuts & bolts of the language often get rusty, or come loose, or get lost altogether.
I've been an English teacher for adults since I was 11 years old (!), and have taught the past 15 years at business levels, as well as specialising in areas such as medical English, Scientific English, and linguistics as a hobby on the side.
I've been surfing around on here, and have recognised the need people might have for reminders of the basic rules; after all, if most editors won't look much further than the second mistake, it behoves us to get it right and help ourselves get published faster!
So, ask away. No question is silly if it helps you - and you'll probably end up helping someone else who's afraid to ask!

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  • Persia
    by Persia 24 days ago

    Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and have a great New Year's Eve celebration, whatever you do! We will most likely have a nice red wine, a French dessert (i.e. a plate of cheeses), and a quiet evening.

    I wanted to give you a tip, if you didn't get yourself enough for Christmas: "The Writer's Block", or "The Creative Block", but Jason Rekulak and Lou Harry, respectively. The are both formatted as a cube, and are packed with creative kick-starts - pictures, single words, even writing assignments and things to get you out of the dusty hole you work in and into the stimulation of something new. I received both from my hubby, and they've already inspired me!

  • Has'san
    by Has'san 1 month ago

    I would certainly agree with you, Persia.

  • Persia
    by Persia 1 month ago

    My excuse is that Sudoku keeps my mind sharp at seeing connections, and at the process of elimination. Definitely a comma in the thread of thought. :o)

  • Tony
    by Tony 1 month ago

    I love criptic crosswords - though I don't always get them finished. Anything to do with words can't be a distraction, can it? I do like Sudoku, too. I can only justify that by doing it while watching television.
    Not sure sure how all this fits in with Writing Right - perhaps it comes under punctuation as a comma in thread, or an example of the use of parenthesis ;-)

  • Persia
    by Persia 1 month ago

    Tony, are those crosswords diversions or distractions? ;o) Sudoku's got me...

  • Tony
    by Tony 1 month ago

    I like the look of onelook.com. (It could make crosswords a lot easier!)

  • Persia
    by Persia 1 month ago

    Great tips - I will "dog-ear" the time and date website! I invested in buying a copy of the visual thesaurus (you can view it on www.visualthesaurus.com, or try it out on www.dictionary.reference.com). The latter website is one I used to use regularly, until they got so many irritating flashing ads that I switched to www.onelook.com - a good dictionary source that links to others as well, and has a lot of various functions, very simply laid out.

  • Barb
    by Barb 1 month ago

    Or a lack of moonlight, should that be more useful...

  • Tony
    by Tony 1 month ago

    If I want to look anything up very quickly, I use Google, which is my Home Page. Disadvantage - if you try to use it to check the spelling of some famous person's name, you're just as likely to find references under a mis-spelling as you are under the correct spelling.
    One particularly useful site is a perpetual calendar where you can quickly find the day of the week of any date, past of future - and thw phase of the moon, if moonlight is vital for soem nocturnal venture: http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/

  • Has'san
    by Has'san 1 month ago

    i have word web too.