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Normal Topic Uploading music
Started By Eshka
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Well, erm...I can't. It simply won't do it for me, and I'm doing ...View
By Eshka 10 hours ago
Normal Topic Spam message help needed
Started By WhingingNinja
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Yeah ... and I got one too. And I've only just joined WordCloud. I ...View
By Al Scott 3 days ago
Normal Topic Calling all those helpful Mac people again
Started By SecretSpi
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Oo, er, I wouldn't recommend a pasting technique which involves, ...View
By lennich 6 days ago
Normal Topic No introduction section, unless I totally missed it.
Started By RockinRick
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As there's no introduction page ... I'll introduce myself here. ...View
By Al Scott 6 days ago
Normal Topic Linking in Blogs.
Started By Aaron_Sharp
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I've only just joined the Cloud and am happy to say that this seems a ...View
By Aaron_Sharp 9 days ago
Normal Topic Word Count in Critiques
Started By Mistress Elysia
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Excellent - thank you, maryluv. I was thinking about doing that, but ...View
By Mistress Elysia 12 days ago
Started By Tony
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I think it's a great idea, we can still appear to be sophisticated as ...View
By The Messenger 15 days ago
Normal Topic Posting Work - How and Where
Started By Barb
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Hi twiggee, I'm guessing you're using Internet Explorer, are you? ...View
By Caducean Whisks 1 month ago
Normal Topic Pictures
Started By Barb
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Just shows how unimaginitive I am or scared of technology not to have ...View
By Bren 2 months ago
Normal Topic Unwanted messages
Started By Kat
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I got one too (it's sick) and I'm only 13. If you google that email ...View
By Adventurequests 3 months ago
Normal Topic Problems reading work
Started By Kat
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Hi JC, Reading through this topic is probably the best ...View
By Barb 3 months ago
Normal Topic Moderators, could someone who knows please answer this question?
Started By Netta
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Don't the moderators bother reading ? maybe I will try asking ...View
By Netta 3 months ago
Normal Topic Blogging
Started By chinchilla
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I've always assumed anything posted as a blog is there just for us to ...View
By Miss Croft 4 months ago
Normal Topic The Word Cloud is having problems again??
Started By JAK
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You can't copy and paste, or you can't use the mouse to do so? ...View
By Barb 4 months ago
Normal Topic Which Group?
Started By Kat
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Hmm, but then it doesn't go with any of my other writing. Maybe ...View
By Kat 5 months ago
Normal Topic I can't get onto the Imagination Workout thread
Started By chinchilla
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Thanks, I'll try it! Chinch View
By chinchilla 5 months ago
Normal Topic Problems updating profile and posting.
Started By Miss Croft
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I think it could have been the Cloud misbehaving! Today, it appears ...View
By Miss Croft 5 months ago
Normal Topic having problems viewing some posts
Started By justakid
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I was having problems with IE and switched to firefox. I still get ...View
By Edwina 5 months ago
Normal Topic Avoid being Kicked off the Cloud by Software Errors
Started By Caducean Whisks
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Glad to help spread the fire, Emma. I started seeing lots more ...View
By Caducean Whisks 5 months ago
Normal Topic New posts
Started By Nashelle
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Nashelle, Harry and Tommy are the admins on here. View
By Barb 5 months ago
Normal Topic Blog
Started By EzBloke
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I will always be nice to you CW! :o) Ez P.S. Well pointed out ...View
By EzBloke 6 months ago
Normal Topic Music
Started By Barb
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Adding Additional Music Files From any page: Click on the ...View
By Barb 6 months ago
Normal Topic Wall Comments
Started By Barb
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Catching the Bus - or where the hell did my comment go? The ...View
By Barb 6 months ago