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Normal Topic Another request for a full, but I want to do major edit
Started By Chinch
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Thanks, Jak. I have decided to leave it. They have my email address. ...View
By Chinch 2 days ago
Normal Topic E-submissions?
Started By Valkia
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The author advance website allows you to search for agents depending on ...View
By Chinch 2 days ago
Normal Topic Self-publishing
Started By travisbrenemen
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I know that seems like shameless plugging, but please take a look at my ...View
By travisbrenemen 2 days ago
Normal Topic Synopsis Help
Started By RyuShoji
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That suggestion by Carole Blake is completely bonkers - it may be what she ...View
By EmmaD 5 days ago
Normal Topic Query letters - are UK agents becoming more like those in the US?
Started By Chinch
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For advice to the uninitiated a synopsis should follow what every ...View
By quackers 5 days ago
Normal Topic Disclosure
Started By Chinch
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Chinch, that's excellent! What an exciting breakthrough to have ...View
By Inktrailer 5 days ago
Normal Topic Erotic Fiction
Started By helen
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I think the main thing with anything that might be challenging or shocking ...View
By EmmaD 8 days ago
Normal Topic Publisher asks for first three chapters
Started By Slipweed
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As a general rule with adult fiction and non-fiction, then sending 10 to ...View
By Harry 9 days ago
Normal Topic How to get published in a magazine
Started By d m. chatwin
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Hi Emma, thank you for the advice, I have submitted the story to Interzone ...View
By d m. chatwin 11 days ago
Normal Topic Solicated Manuscripts? Warning: Really n00bish question
Started By RyuShoji
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Yes, an unsolicited manuscript is one which the writer sends on spec, ...View
By EmmaD 20 days ago
Normal Topic Self publishing co-operative?
Started By norman normington
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Blimey I'm freezing now, hang on I'll get me towel.... Cold ...View
By norman normington 21 days ago
Normal Topic Think like an agent, or an editor
Started By EmmaD
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Very interesting and useful-thankyou Emma,xxView
By Alexlouise25 22 days ago
Normal Topic Authonomy?
Started By SM Worsey
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Thanks everyone, I had a feeling it would work something like that, but ...View
By SM Worsey 25 days ago
Normal Topic Agents interested in humor - a bit controversial
Started By Dorothy H
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You need to get the Artist and Writers Yearbook. That lists all the agents ...View
By Weens 29 days ago
Normal Topic Why do competitions only want short stories?
Started By SM Worsey
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Yeah, great links, thanks a lot. I hadn't really thought about fiction in ...View
By SM Worsey 1 month ago
Normal Topic UK v US agents
Started By dgaughran
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Thanks to dgaughran and secretspi for that info about the stamps. Looks ...View
By Aonghus Fallon 1 month ago
Normal Topic We've all heard of scammy agents, but this is quite something
Started By EmmaD
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A Cloud conversation has made me remember something way back. I would just ...View
By JillP 1 month ago
Normal Topic Writing for Franchises / Shared World Writing?
Started By Mistress Elysia
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I' ve been considering this (Shared World writing) for ages, but am ...View
By Mistress Elysia 1 month ago
Normal Topic Agents actively seeking historical fiction?
Started By dgaughran
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I agree with Emma. Pretty much any agent will potentially be interested in ...View
By Harry 1 month ago
Normal Topic How do I structure a writers CV?
Started By Stephy
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I, too, would like to thank everyone for their replies to ...View
By JillP 1 month ago
Normal Topic "No unsolicited submissions"?????
Started By EmmaD
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Weens, that's very true, but the internet has its uses, too. I know some ...View
By Rebecca Holmes 1 month ago
Normal Topic How do we make an agent love us?
Started By Roger in Deutschland
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If we knew the answer to getting into that 0.1%, we would all be published.View
By Edwina 2 months ago
Normal Topic books
Started By Nashelle
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I'll be buying this as soon as Christmas is out of the way and I have some ...View
By Edwina 2 months ago
Normal Topic Advise on an idea please!!!
Started By sarahjowood
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Hi Emma and tony, many thanks for your responses, really helpful and I'll ...View
By sarahjowood 2 months ago
Normal Topic Sets of short stories v novel length stories?
Started By SM Worsey
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Thanks for your feedback. For me, the problem is that each of the novellas ...View
By SM Worsey 2 months ago