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Normal Topic Too many seeds and none of them blossoming...
Started By Eshka
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Cheers Inktrailer, that's exactly what I did tonight and I ...View
By Eshka 7 hours ago
Normal Topic How do you start your story?
Started By EmmaD
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Thanks for the link Emma. I'm new here too and it's very useful to ...View
By JonB 12 hours ago
Normal Topic Dream sequences.
Started By Rebecca
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Thanks Emma. That's great. View
By Rebecca 16 hours ago
Normal Topic Prose too dense?
Started By Mistress Elysia
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Thank you, everyone, for all your help! I meant to reply earlier, but ...View
By Mistress Elysia 1 day ago
Normal Topic Great discussion of historical fiction
Started By EmmaD
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Going on in tandem on Nicola Morgan's blog, starting with a ...View
By EmmaD 2 days ago
Normal Topic How important is it to give your reader something to do?
Started By Cipher
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I've always believed that you need to leave 'interpretive space' in a ...View
By Al Scott 6 days ago
Normal Topic Anyone picture people as fitting their characters?
Started By Alexlouise25
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One of my characters refuses to appear in my head: she just is. I ...View
By john onceupon 9 days ago
Normal Topic When characters get too big for their boots
Started By Caducean Whisks
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A duorum? :( View
By john onceupon 11 days ago
Normal Topic Literary fiction v commercial fiction
Started By Weens
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I dunno why that link's misbehaving, sorry. Don't usually balls it ...View
By EmmaD 12 days ago
Normal Topic Question Marks
Started By Weens
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Thanks guys, that's a big help. View
By Weens 12 days ago
Normal Topic Sequel openings
Started By john onceupon
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Glad i could help my dear :) I also quite like the idea of being a ...View
By urbanvoodoodoll 13 days ago
Normal Topic what u shouldnt do as a writer
Started By lee
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no there is no issues or tissue's here if 1 looks back through ...View
By lee 18 days ago
Normal Topic Do you use music to aid your writing?
Started By RyuShoji
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Hi Ryushoji and welcome to the cloud. When I first started to ...View
By Edwina 19 days ago
Normal Topic Fictional or real setting?
Started By Dantroly
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I know when I write, if I choose to make a brand new place, I give it ...View
By RyuShoji 22 days ago
Normal Topic How long is a chapter? What IS a chapter?
Started By lennich
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I take a lot of my writing influence from Japanese light novels, ...View
By RyuShoji 22 days ago
Normal Topic Dialogue: how to indicate a pause
Started By Beaut
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I liked the Da Vinci Code, but it wasn't the writing it was him ...View
By Freaky 1 month ago
Normal Topic Sitting on a finished manuscript or not?
Started By mikey
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Mikey, Emma, The thread you're looking for, to upload work is under ...View
By Caducean Whisks 1 month ago
Normal Topic How Do You Write Descriptions?
Started By Tony
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No problem Tony, I had a quick look online to see if I could find the ...View
By Inktrailer 1 month ago
Normal Topic Good questions to ask your characters?
Started By Freakshow
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I actually don't tend to ask my characters questions. My first draft ...View
By Beaut 1 month ago
Normal Topic Delightful Dialogue
Started By Harry
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I like it, the topic drew a new member! Welcome Beaut, glad the Cloud ...View
By Inktrailer 1 month ago
Normal Topic Do you enjoy technical exercises?
Started By EmmaD
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I love the technicalities of writing. Today I have been doing a ...View
By Nashelle 1 month ago
Normal Topic Lost in writing?
Started By Alexlouise25
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Writing comes first for me. I write until I find a voice, and then ...View
By john onceupon 1 month ago
Normal Topic I'm a bit confused :(
Started By Kellyanne
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thank you for the help :) View
By Kellyanne 1 month ago
Normal Topic is it strange?
Started By Freakshow
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I would post it again under the critique section. That's where most ...View
By Edwina 1 month ago
Normal Topic Taking the plunge
Started By Spangles
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Exactly, Harry! And I imagine that would be very dead indeed. ...View
By Spangles 1 month ago